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The Best Selling Book

Who doesn’t want be energetic, lose the last 10 pounds and ditch the brain fog for good?

In this book:
  • You will learn why diets are so hard to stick to
  • What is preventing us from sticking to our diets
  • How I learned to stick to my diet by not being on a diet
  • Living the rest of your life not on a diet, yet maintaining your weight loss
  • We will figure out a specialized food plan for the rest of your life.
  • You will learn how to combat any food obstacle
  • You will learn to ditch the diet mentality for good

Erin is a Holistic Health Coach, one of the first International Food Addiction Counselors, a Spin Teacher, a Wellness Blogger.
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Clients Testimonials


I am not the first caregiver to sacrifice quality foods and nutrition by justifying the frenetic schedule of juggling my career, marriage, family life, and various extracurricular activities I feel grateful to be able to shuttle my children to. With numerous and various contributing factors we all face as we age, body changes after childbirth, etc ...

Suzanne, 52

There are plenty of diets on the market, but Erin and her plan (a new way of eating) help you make it happen. She has enabled me with the know-how, coached me, and given me the confidence to practice what she preaches with her no-nonsense, pragmatic approach. Erin has made mealtime so simple I'm blown away! Her coaching and eating plan has ...

Nicole, 40

Erin was the boost I needed to stop the sugar habit. I have always craved sweet things and could not drink coffee or tea (at least 4 cups a day) without adding sugar. With her support I have now stopped adding sweetener to my coffee and tea and I have doubled my veggie intake. I now look down and see my toes not just post pregnancy belly. It has ...

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